Smart Freight is our product for human-driven trucks

We simplified our autonomous trucking technology to put it in human-driven trucks and deliver benefits for the industry right now
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Our keys to maximum efficiency:
  • High-precision digital roads
    We lay our Basetracks ("Virtual Rails" used for Autonomous Driving) on the roads. Those are tailored for efficiency and are even able to operate trucks without drivers, so you can trust them for sure!

    Knowing every cantimeter and degree of slope
  • Technical expertise
    For best driving performance we always consider the given conditions - we take into account everything about the truck and the cargo it carries... Everything matters

    The scientific approach. In real-time
  • Addressing transport tasks
    The system will prioritise the transport task set by the manager to keep the right speed and arrive on time with maximum efficiency. The best driving profile will be calculated automatically, not by a driver

    Focus on your business
How it works
Drivers are inefficient - that's human nature. People can't calculate optimal driving parameters considering all the relevant conditions, can't memorise all the roads, and can't always perform on the same level.

Our system will do the job, so any driver now gets the most experienced and professional robot-driver seated next to them
Real-time calculations and recommendations
The system does real-time calculations considering many parameters inside and outside of the truck. Based on the given situation, it will show you the optimal speed, while color prompts will help the driver understand the recommendations without focusing on the screen

For example, recommendations will show if you need to speed up, slow down, if you're pushing the acceleration pedal too much, etc.
Our magical feature which updates any standard cruise-control to an advanced one, being able to adjust the speed considering many parameters inside and outside the truck to perfectly execute transport tasks of your company

This technology was adopted from our Autonomous Trucks to deliver the best driving performance to human-driven trucks. You can trust it
Every driver becomes most efficient with the Efficient Cruise-Control feature. We help you to mitigate the experienced drivers shortage by increasing the skills of all your drivers. No special motivation is required to make drivers perform better - they just have to push one button. That's it!
What else?
  • Unified ecosystem for mixed fleets
    The solution is compatible with mixed fleets and gathers all the information in one ecosystem to deliver comprehensive control over the whole fleet
  • High-Precision Telemetry Collection
    To control drivers' behaviour, gather data, and manage the fleet. We will let you know if any of your trucks consume excess fuel or need maintenance based on performance comparison with other trucks connected to the system
  • Real-Time Processing
    The process is automated, so you don't have to manually check your drivers' efficiency days after - we will display all the data to an operator as soon as it is requested
  • 20 l/100km benchmark
    We help companies to get the most efficiency of their trucks. Driving with 20t in your 16m semi-trailer? You can do 20 l/100km!
  • Main European highways
    Our services work across the most popular transport routes in Europe, and if you have any special requests - we can digitise additional routes for you
  • Recommendations or ECC
    Our products support both driving recommendations and Efficient Cruise-Control. That means drivers have a choice and if they need some time to adapt to automated cruise-control - they can use just Recommendations and have a smooth transition then
Ready to make your fleet efficient?
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