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Autonomous Trucks

Focused on efficiency, transport tasks, and providing real benefits. Based on the "Virtual Rails" concept
Are you a shipper looking for sustainable and efficient ways to deliver goods?
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Sustainable Accessible Reasonable
We use the same core technology in our Autonomous Trucks and Fuel Economy solutions. Basically, we use our Autonomous Trucks for Sustainable Trucking R&D. We currently act as a next-generation transport company, delivering goods with new concepts and meanwhile developing products for the classical trucking industry. We aim to disrupt the industry and lead the transformation to sustainable, accessible, and reasonable trucking
It's not the time for Autonomous Driving
Yes, we believe it is not yet here. We do commercial autonomous freight, tho believe that it is not scalable at this stage, and we use the opportunity to discover the new concepts of Sustainable Future Trucking.

Currently, we are testing various Hub2Hub implementations and discovering opportunities to make trucking more efficient not only in the future but right now. All trucks connected to our technologies contribute to our driving database to discover trucking insight. Our Autonomous Trucks help us to improve driving efficiency and contribute to our Fuel Economy products. We deliver good to be inside the industry and understand the processes better than anybody
Our experience
With 10 years of experience in geoinformatics and a different vision of autonomous driving, we automated a car and demonstrated probably the first all-weather autonomous driving
Public roads summer, ice driving, Public roads winter
Commercially automating an electric shuttle bus for an automaker. This all-weather autonomous driving shuttle bus had been used for passenger transfers within the automaker's facilities
Surviving COVID-19 (you remember that?) and meanwhile realising that no one needs autonomous driving - regulations and technologies are not there yet. We started to focus our technology on Efficient Driving and got fully focused on the trucking industry - probably the only industry where automated driving makes sense and brings real benefits
Commercial Autonomous Trucking for FM Logistic (the truck is certified for autonomous driving on public roads). Sustainability project with Sennder, H&M, and Neste - automated truck delivered goods with the Efficient Cruise-Control feature and 20% fuel economy in contrast to regular deliveries. Moving R&D to UAE and presenting the first Autonomous Truck in the Middle East with public test drives in RAKEZ and Dubai South. Also, we are the first company which performed Autonomous Trucking in a Desert
We love to share the unique experience of autonomous rides, so we regularly organise test-drive events for partners, colleagues, friends, and their families. Join us!
business without hype
We are an award-winning startup represented in multiple parts of the world. We don't do advertising and are focused on real business cases, hence we mostly use our trucks to test Smart Freight solutions and to be deeply involved in real scenarios of the trucking industry
10 years of prior experience in the geoinformatics business, and vast expertise in vehicle automation and fuel consumption. Some team members have been working together for years before

We always keep up with new technologies and approaches to design the fittest solutions for Smart Mobility. Our team is diversified and lit!

Our advisors
  • Dr. Siegmar Haasis
    CIO R&D in Mercedes-Benz with 27 years of experience
  • Professor Dr. Ansgar Gerlicher
    Research Director Institute for Mobility & Digital Innovation, Stuttgart Media University
We are open for partnerships